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About Rebecca Jenkins


Rebecca Jenkins is an outgoing, warm-hearted, generous and kind person whose first instinct is always to help others in need whenever she can. She was born in 1983 and grew up with her Mom and younger sister on a council estate in Oakenshaw, Redditch. She attended Woodrow First School and Walkwood Middle School where she developed her love of music and athletics.

Rebecca has spent the last 30 years living and working in and around the town. She's worked at McDonald's, The Seven Stars, The South Redditch Sports and Social Club as well as being a teacher. She is very family orientated and loves spending time with her friends and family.


Rebecca studied History at the University of Wolverhampton and gained her PGCE at Bath Spa University before returning to Redditch. She has been teaching History/Humanities to A level students for the past 13 years. Rebecca has always been a leader and has extensive organisational skills including setting up fundraisers, overseeing Remembrance Day preparations and leading field trips to the World War One battlefields on the western front and to Krakow.


Rebecca's experiences as a teacher have meant that she has seen first-hand the impact of austerity measures on education in the UK; including the ever increasing workload of teachers and other staff, the pressure that our young people face today and the realities of poverty within our communities. This and her love of the NHS has driven Rebecca to not only join the Labour Party but also, to put her head above the parapet to defend the rights of the many, their livelihoods, their homes and their health service by applying to become your Labour Party prospective parliamentary candidate here in Redditch.


Rebecca knows Redditch well and loves her home town. She is determined to see services restored to the Alexandra hospital, especially maternity services. Her niece and nephew were born at the Alex. She has worked as a teacher in Redditch and wants to see an end to school cuts and to see proper funding restored; meaning smaller class sizes, better resources, newer equipment and enough teachers. Real funding! Rebecca also wants the current need for food banks in our town to be a thing of the past. To these ends Rebecca relishes being a part of a Labour government implementing policies that will lift many thousands of people in Redditch out of poverty/subsistence.


Redditch is a low-paid town with many young families trying desperately to make ends meet. It is a growing town and it needs fully-functioning council services, properly funded schools, more police, much better health and social care provision and truly affordable housing. Rebecca is fully committed to making this a reality and revels in the opportunity to put Labour’s fully-costed manifesto policies into action and to serve the people of Redditch.


Rebecca Jenkins wants great things for Redditch and as your Member of Parliament will offer not just words, but action to make it a reality.


Let’s put people before privilege.


For the many, not the few.


Solidarity Redditch!

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